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~ From Our Chairman ~
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~ From the Firewise Committee ~

For a list of Contractors that can assist with Fuel Reduction "Click Here"
Fire Season Notice
With the official start of fire season on June 1st, wood campfires will not allowed in Wagon Trail Ranch until fire season is lifted. This was decided by a vote of the membership at an annual membership meeting a few years back. Safely used propane campfires are allowed, however that can change if restrictions are added by fire protection entities.

This was sent out May 7th in an email by Echo Murray with Walker Range. (Click Here for email) Many of you already receive her emails, but for those of you that do not I strongly recommend getting on her email list. Just send her an email at echo.murray@state.or.us and asked to be added. Keep in mind that while she may talk about burning in some of her emails, we also fall under the regulations of the La Pine Fire District and debris burning is currently closed.
Free debris disposal starts tomorrow in Deschutes County for the next 2 weeks. Their calandar can be found at https://www.deschutes.org/calendar?field_microsite_tid=58.
WTR Residents,
If you are not aware, WTR maintains a Fire Phone Tree and volunteer residents that are trained in the operation of the WTR Fire Trailer.  If there is a small fire in the area, after calling 911, one can activate the WTR Fire Phone Tree for help.  Someone witnessing a fire, for example, can call one of several people on the list who will initiate an emergency text and activate an emergency response team within minutes.  This document replaces last year’s document, as each year it is updated for accuracy.  We know this system works, as it has been successfully used several times on small fires in the area over the last few years.  
It is recommended that you print the June 2020 Fire Phone Tree and place it in an easily seen location in your home for easy reference.  The Fire Phone Tree will also be available on the WTR website.
Please Be Firesafe,
WTR Firewise Committee                                                       "Click Here for Phone Tree"

~ Notices ~
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~ 2020 Dues ~
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~ Upcoming WTR Events ~
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~ From Team 360 ~
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~ From the Road Committee ~
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