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Wagon Trail Ranch POA
PO Box 375
La Pine OR 97739
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How many trees can we cut down?
A: Article VII, Section 10 states: The cutting or removal of living trees will only be permitted where necessary for the construction of buildings or thinning for the beautification of the property.  Such cutting or removal must be approved by the Association, or by a committee designated by the Association, before it is actually begun.  A plan showing the lot, location, and identification of the tree or trees to be cut or removed must be submitted to the Association or its designated committee at least 30 days in advance of the intended cutting or removal date.  Failure of the Association or its designated committee to respond within 25 days after the receipt of such plan shall be deemed approval.
Q: How many chickens, pigs, cows, horses, donkeys etc. can we have?
A: Article VII, Section 11 states: No animals other than domestic household pets or horses shall be kept on any part of the said property.
Q: On fences, how high and what kind of material can we use?
A: Article VII, Section 4 states, in part: All buildings, fences, and improvements must be constructed in workmanlike manner and kept in a condition of good repair.  Article VII, Section 5 states in part: a fence, not to exceed 72 inches in height.  Fences must be constructed of properly finished material and shall harmonize with the surroundings.
Q: How small of a home can we build on an empty lot?
A: Article VII, Section 3 states: The floor area of constructed residences shall be not less than 800 square feet exclusive of one story porches and garages.
Q: How many buildings can we have on the property?
A: Article VII, Section 1 states: Each Lot shall be used for residential purposes only, nor shall more than one detached single family dwelling not to exceed two (2) stories in height, and not more than one double garage or carport and two accessory buildings such as workshops or stables be constructed or placed upon each Lot in the subdivision.
Q: Are clotheslines allowed for hanging out our laundry?
A: Article VII, Section 13 states: All garbage, trash, cuttings, refuse, garbage and refuse containers fuel tanks, clothes lines and other service facilities shall be screened from view from neighboring units and common areas.
Q: Are we allowed to divide the property into smaller lots so family members can also build a home there?
A: Article VII, Section 19 states: No lot shall be divided into smaller parcels than shown on the recorded plat unless approved by the Klamath County Planning Commission in accordance with county ordinances, and with the permission of the Board of Directors of the Association.
Q: Are there limitations on what color we paint our home?
A: Article VII, Section 4 states, in part: Exteriors to be finished with natural materials with a rustic appearance.
Q: How close to our property line can we build a structure?
A: Article VII, Section 5 states: Setback line shall be at least twenty-five (25) feet back from all Lot lines to any structure upon the Lot with the exception of a fence, not to exceed 72 inches in height.  Fences must be constructed of properly finished material and shall harmonize with the surroundings.
Q: What if I turn my house into a rental, can my renters use the common area facilities?
A: Article V, Section 2 states: Delegation of Use. Any Member may delegate, in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted from time to time by the Directors, his right of enjoyment to the Common Area and facilities to the Members of his family, his guests or his tenants, provided they reside on the property.
Q: What are the rules for using the swimming pool?
A: On April 21, 2018 the WTR POA Board of Directors approved the Rules and Enforcement Policy, which includes number 2, Rules Regarding the Wagon Trail Ranch Swimming Pool.
a. Swimming pool hours will be posted at the WTR Recreation Center.
b. Maximum capacity of the swimming pool is 25 persons.
c. Property Owners are allowed five (5) guests with them using the swimming pool.  Please contact a Board Member should your guest count exceed five (5).
d. Guests must be accompanied by a Property Owner while using the swimming pool.





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